Congrats to Penske Motor Group and Longo Lexus for the completion of their new guest service center. Their team members moved in on July the 9th. With commitments to guest experience like this, it should go as no surprise that Longo Lexus is the perennial top performer in the Western region.



The following stories caught the attention of Brent Tally and our field team. Thank you to our great clients who have also sent relevant topics into our head office.

U.S. Auto Sales Aren't About To Fall Off A Cliff, Long-Term Conditions Bode Well-Report Interesting read in Forbes this week from long time auto contributor Neil Winton on the state of the industry and sales rates. I like his take on the fact that the sky is not falling. Many good points made by "non-Bearish" research firms and industry analysts! Stay tuned for more on this topic.


LHM Dealerships Golf Tourney Raises $350K for Charity

This was a recent article in (Link Below) recognizing Larry H. Miller Charities for all of the great work they do in their respective communities. This specific LHM event raised $350K for programs that benefit women and children's health and education. Another great example of great people making a great impact.


Construction Staff Wages Expected to Rise by 3.4% This Year

According to the latest Contractor Compensation Quarterly report published by PAS, Inc. construction staff wages rose by 3.6% in 2016 and contractors are projecting wages to increase by an average of 3.4% in 2017. The report also advises that firms will use the “total rewards” approach including work-life balance, career development, and recognition programs to win the war for talent.


From the Desk of Brent Tally

Please see Brent Tally’s latest LinkedIn Article, “The Best or Nothing Else: Mercedes Benz’s Progressive Approach to the Autohaus II Initiative”